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Last updated: 01/06/12

You have found the registration page for one of the original nine id.au sub-domains, lorikeet.id.au, maintained by Paul Day.

id.au was set aside within the Australian domain space for registration by Australian individuals. Originally, you could not directly register a sub-domain of .id.au and instead had to register with one of the nine id.au sub-domains, of which lorikeet.id.au is one. These days, if you're an Australia resident, you can register your own id.au sub-domain (based on your name). How-ever, lorikeet.id.au is still alive and well, responding to emails within a timely manner and operational on a set of five name-sevrers distributed around Australia for maximum redundancy.

Any Australian individual is still more than welcome to request a free sub-domain within the lorikeet.id.au domain-space.


What can lorikeet.id.au give you?

lorikeet.id.au can give you one or more of four types of DNS records:

What can't lorikeet.id.au give you?

lorikeet.id.au can only give DNS records to people who meet the lorikeet.id.au criteria. I cannot give you:

For hosting purposes, I recommend the not-for-profit ISP Bur.st.


There are currently, and won't be in the foreseeable future, any prices attached to the registration of lorikeet.id.au domains. It is free to register, redelegate or update details associated with your domain.


The fine print related to lorikeet.id.au.

  1. lorikeet.id.au domains are open to any individual resident of Australia.
  2. You may register more than one sub-domain, within reason and at the discretion of the registrar.
  3. You may not register a previously registered lorikeet.id.au sub-domain, a place name, an Australian registered trade-mark or an obscenity.
  4. If the domain is for use by a group, the group must be small and closely related (e.g. a family).
  5. Registration of your lorikeet.id.au domain may be suspended or deleted if the domain is used for spamming, harassment, slander or other illegal uses; the administrator of lorikeet.id.au cannot contact the applicant using the supplied details; or the details supplied in the application were incorrect or fraudulent.
  6. Under no circumstances will changes be made to a domain without the request being received with the domain key.
Privacy Policy

Although not obliged to follow the Australian Privacy Act and its 2000 Amendment, the registrar of lorikeet.id.au will ensure the act is followed to the fullest extent practically possible.

  1. Information about a user is disclosed only to third parties who, under Australian law, have permission to access the information under public interest with or without a warrant.
  2. The registrar takes reasonable steps to keep data on users and users' data secure.
  3. Users are allowed access to any personal information about them, stored by the registrar, upon request.
  4. The registrar does not gather or collect sensitive information about, or owned by, any individual, beyond the information required under the sign-up process.
  5. The registrar will not hijack the user's, for the purpose of information collection or other, without the user's request.

How to request a domain

To request a lorikeet.id.au sub-domain, cut and paste the following form into your email client, answer the questions and .

Full name:
Postal Address:
Email address:

Type of service required:
Domain requested:
 AND (for NS)
Primary NS name:
Primary NS IP:
Secondary NS name:
Seconding NS IP:
Tertiary NS name:
Tertiary NS IP:
  OR  (for A)
IP address:
  OR  (for MX)
Primary MX name:
Secondary MX name:
Tertiary MX name:
  OR (for CNAME)
CNAME name:

Extra details:


Full name - Your current full legal name.
Postal Address - Your current postal address, including state and postcode.
Email address - Your current email address. Please ensure it's valid!
Type of service - NS, A, MX or CNAME.
Domain requested - the subdomain of lorikeet.id.au you wish to apply for, e.g. day.lorikeet.id.au.
  AND - Only fill this out if you want full NS delegation.
Primary NS name - The full hostname of the master DNS server for your requested domain.
Primary NS IP - The IP address of the master DNS server for your requested domain, in case it needs glue records.
Secondary NS name - The full hostname of your first slave DNS server.
Seconding NS IP - The IP address of your first slave DNS server.
Tertiary NS name - (optional) The full hostname of your second slave DNS server.
Tertiary NS IP - (optional, unless above is filled out) The IP address of your second slave DNS server.
  OR - Only fill out this section if you only want an A-record.
IP address - The IP address of the machine you want your A-record to point to.
   OR - Only fill out this if you only want MX records.
Primary MX name - The full hostname of the machine that will be hosting email for your domain.
Secondary MX name - the full hostname of the machine that will be relaying email for your domain if the primary MX goes down.
Tertiary MX name - (optional) The full hostname of another machine that will be relaying your mail if both your primary and secondary go down.
  OR - Only fill out this if you want a CNAME record
CNAME - The domain-name you would like your lorikeet.id.au aliased to.
Extra details
- Anything special I need to know?

How to update your delegation or details

To update/change the delegation of your domain, your contact details or the domain key, cut and paste the following form into your email client, answer only the relevant questions and .


Current Domain key:
New domain key:

New Postal Address:
New Email address:
New Primary NS name:

New Primary NS IP:
New Secondary NS name:
New Seconding NS IP:
New Tertiary NS name:
New Tertiary NS IP:
New IP address:
New Primary MX name:
New Secondary MX name:
New Tertiary MX name:

Extra details:


Domain key - when you received your registration approval, you would've received the key for your domain. If you have forgotten or lost your key, please go the Domain key recovery section.
New domain key - the new domain key must be at least 6 characters long and may contain any letters (upper or lower case), numbers or punctuation. It must not contain any spaces or control characters.

Please do not put any details in sections that are to remain unchanged or do not apply to your domain.

Domain key recovery

So, you've lost your lorikeet.id.au domain key and can't update your domain's details? You have two options to recover your domain's key:

Get it sent to the current administrator's email address

To get the domain's key sent to the email address listed currently as the domain contact email address, complete the following form and .


I have lost my domain key. Please send the key to the email address currently listed for this domain.

After sending the key to your registered email address, I will reply to your email request (regardless of it's from address) so that you know the key has been sent.

Get it sent to another email address

If your email address has changed from the address originally submitted with your domain application, and you cannot get access to the original email address, you obviously won't be able to get the domain key.

To request the domain key be sent to an email address other than the listed admin contact, you will need to post a letter to me requesting the domain key be released to an email address other than the listed admin contact.

Please cut and paste the following into your letter and answer the questions.

Domain name:
Applicant's name:
Applicant's address:
Applicant's telephone number (AH):
Applicant's telephone number (BH):
Applicant's original email address:
Email address domain key should be sent to:

I agree that I am the applicant listed above and that I have authority to release the domain key to the new email address.

Your printed letter must be signed and have your name printed.

Please post your letter to:
lorikeet.id.au Admin
GPO Box 1553
Melbourne VIC 3001

On receipt of the letter, the key will be sent to the listed email address.

Contact details

If you need to contact the administor of lorikeet.id.au for any other information, you may do so using the following contact details:

Created 02/06/2001, last revised 28/10/2005.
Created by Paul Day, last revised by Paul Day